CWO Rising Eagle

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Chief Warrant Officer Emblem

"It consisted of an eagle rising with wings displayed, adapted from the great seal of the United States.

The eagle is standing on two arrows, which symbolize the military arts and sciences.

The eagle rising is enclosed within a wreath."

Our Handsome Warrant Officer Emblem is handcrafted from 6 different fine hardwoods. The wings are not painted or stained - multiple pieces of wood are joined Intarsia-style to create this stunning Wooden Plaque.

The Eagle Wings feature our Signature 4-Wood Feathered Wings, a time consuming Wood Art method of creating beautiful, detailed wings.

This Warrant Officer Plaque measures 13.5" x 10". This Plaque is larger than our standard CWO Plaque; it has extra room over the Eagle to accommodate personalization or a small engraved plaque.

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