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Plaque Description

Air Force SERE Emblem

Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Specialists serve as Subject Matter Experts who train all Aircrew personnel (and others at risk) on how to handle themselves if they're ever caught up in hostile territory.

That means teaching Airmen from all walks of life a vast array of skills, from how to improvise basic shelter and find sustenance to how to escape active pursuit by the enemy, and to resist coercion if captured.

Our impressive USAF SERE "Return With Honor" Wooden Plaque is Handcrafted from 7 different All-Natural fine hardwoods.

We used paint for the red Starburst, both to honor the original and for visual impact. That is the only paint or colored stain in this plaque.

We carefully crafted the Barbed Wire, and sculpted the Highly Detailed Eagle Head.

Our new Air Force SERE "Return With Honor" Wood Art Plaque measures 16" x 13".

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