U.S. Marshal Service Seal Wood Plaque

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U.S. MARSHAL SERVICE SEAL - Handcrafted Wood Art Plaque
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Plaque Description

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United States Marshal Service Seal

Handcrafted Plaques, LLC has been selected by the Department of Justice to produce handcrafted Wood Art plaques for various Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

It is an honor and privilege to produce Wood Art for the Outstanding Members of the DOJ.

The Official Seal of the United States Marshals Service was established in December 1968. The Seal is a fascinating mixture of symbolism.

It contains the six-pointed Star Badge of a western resemblance. Over the Badge is an American Bald Eagle that clutches two symbols in its Talons: an Olive Branch in one and 13 Arrows in the other.

Thirteen stars are over the top half of the Seal, while the Agency motto: "Justice, Integrity, Service" is denoted on the bottom half.

Our U.S. Marshal Service Seal is made with 10 (ten) different fine hardwoods.

The different colors are the natural colors of the woods, not paint or colored stains.

Our Artists carefully Inlay the Star, then overlay Intarsia-style the Eagle and Shield.

Just the Eagle is carved from 6 different woods, and features our Signature Feathered Wings. The Stripes on the Shield are Inlaid, not painted.

This sharp United States Marshal Seal Wood Art Plaque measures 14.25" in diameter.

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