USMC Battle Standard Wood Art
Officially Licensed by the USMC

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Marine Corps Flag, Wooden Plaque

Rarely found on anything but coffee cups or t-shirts, this is the Official U.S. Marine Corps Flag, perfectly reproduced into WoodArt.

The Official Flag of the United States Marine Corps (also known as the Standard or Battle Color) is the flag used to represent the Marine Corps, as well as units and formations of the Corps. The official Flag was adopted on January 18, 1939 and remains unchanged.

This breathtaking Marine Corps Flag Wooden Plaque is handcrafted using 7 different All-Natural hardwoods. The Scroll is Inlaid into the background, and the Western Hemisphere is Inlaid into the Globe. The Anchor and Eagle are Overlaid Intarsia-Style and each Letter is individually handcrafted.

Our U.S. Marine Corps Flag Wooden Plaque measures an impressive 17W" x 11L".

These handcrafted Wood Art U.S. Marine Corps plaques are Authorized and Licensed by the United States Marine Corps.

Handcrafted Plaques, Ltd is proud to be a USMC Trademark License holder,
with USMC Trademark License number Hobbyist 22141.

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