Army Retired Emblem

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United States Army Retired Emblem

The Official U.S. Army Retired Emblem. Handcrafted from TEN (10) different All-Natural hardwoods, our new Larger Army Retired Wood Art measures 14" in diameter.

The different colors are the natural colors of the different fine hardwoods, not paint or colored stains. (Except the Blue Shield and Green Olive Branch, on which we used a touch of paint for visual impact)

The Shield Stripes are Inlaid, the Wings feature our Signature Feathered Wings, a time-consuming method of crafting highly detailed Eagle Wings.

Our U.S. Army Retired Emblem is a VERY impressive Work of Art!

Our Artists hand-cut each of the tiny Arrow Tips - all 13 of them.

The Wings are Sculpted wood; even the ultra-small 13 Stars are in the correct formation.

This super-sharp U.S. Army Retired Emblem Wood Art measures 14" across.

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