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U.S. Army Emblem Wooden Plaque

The United States Army is the land Service Branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is designated as the Army of the United States in the U.S. Constitution and is the oldest and most senior Branch of the U.S. Military in order of precedence.

This stunning U.S. Army Emblem Wood Art Plaque is part of our new DYNAMIC WOODS COLLECTION.

Instead of selecting several complementary shades of mostly brown woods, we used Contrasting Exotic Woods with bold Natural Colors of black, red, yellow, white, etc.

The result is an eye-catching Work of Art that looks very impressive on the wall.

We love this new Dynamic Collection, and believe you will too.

Our New, Larger, more Detailed U.S. Army Emblem wooden plaque is a beautiful piece of Wood Art. We now make the Eagle Wings from 3 different woods, and have more detail overall in the Eagle, Olive Branch and Arrows.

We selected 9 different Exotic Woods to create this new U.S. Army Emblem wood art plaque.

(We did use a touch of paint for the blue part of the Shield, and green stain for the Olive Branch. We did this for visual impact, and this is the only paint or stain used in this plaque)

From our Dynamic Collection, this impressive Army Emblem Wood Art Plaque measures 14" in diameter.

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