SWAT Operator Eagle

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SWAT Eagle Wood Art Plaque

Though we specialize in Military Wood Art, we also recognize how many SWAT Operators are former Military.

Based on that fact, plus several customer requests, we decided to make the SWAT OPERATOR EAGLE Emblem into a knock-out Handcrafted Wood Art Plaque.

SWAT Operators and Teams are increasingly equipped with military-type hardware and trained to deploy against threats of terrorism, for crowd control, and in situations beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement, sometimes deemed "high-risk".

This is the Widely-Adopted SWAT EAGLE Insignia turned into beautiful Handcrafted Wood Art.

This large, impressive Wooden Plaque is 100% handcrafted using 7 different All-Natural hardwoods.

There is no paint or colored stain (except the Eagles mouth); the different colors are the Natural colors of the different woods.

We skillfully carve the Eagle Wings Intarsia style, with our Signature Feathered Wings.

This Handsome SWAT Eagle Eagle Handcrafted Wood Art Plaque measures an impressive 20" x 15".

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