Aviator Skull Wood Art

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Army Aviator Skull Wooden Plaque


We took the Vintage Aviator Skull and transformed it into amazing Wood Art.

Capturing the essence of the old, brown, Pilots Leather Helmet was tricky. It's difficult to make wood appear to "flow" like leather.

We selected 7 (seven) fine hardwoods for this Masterpiece.

The Wings are made from 4 different woods, with each one thicker as you go in. This results in a 3D effect and is great for Aviation Wings.

The goggles, made from White Sycamore, are Inlaid into the frame so it looks like they're sitting on top of the helmet.

The Strap and Buckle are carefully hand cut, and we made them extra thick for rigidity.

The Skull is a work of art on its own. We Inlay the Nose and Eyes, Carve the Teeth by hand, create the Cracked Forehead then airbrush it.

Finally we apply a thin layer of polyurethane-based Liquid Glass, so it will look just as good for decades.

This impressive Aviator Skull Wood Art Plaque measures 19.5" x 12".

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