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Coast Guard OIC ASHORE Badge

"I am Americas maritime guardian......"

The Coast Guard Officer in Charge (OIC) Ashore Badge is a major career milestone for Enlisted Personnel in the Coast Guard.

There is a bevy of responsibilities and duties that come with being named Officer in Charge of even a small unit, so the vast majority of Coast Guard personnel tapped for the position are Chiefs or Senior Chiefs.

Our new, impressive Coast Guard Officer in Charge (Ashore) Wood Art Wall Hanging is Handcrafted from 5 (five) different fine Hardwoods.

We carefully craft and interlock the Oak Leaves, as per the original.

We added a touch of paint to this plaque. We painted the Shield blue for visual impact. All the other colors are the natural colors of the various woods.

Measuring 14" x 13", this sharp Coast Guard Officer in Charge, Ashore Wood Art plaque is every bit as impressive as those that earn it.

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