NAVY & MARINE CORPS Parachutist Insignia (Jump Wings)

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The Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia

(originally issued as Navy Parachute Rigger wings) is a gold-colored embroidered or metal insignia depicting an open parachute with outstretched wings. It is authorized for Officers and Enlisted personnel who were awarded the Basic Parachutist Insignia and, under competent orders, have completed a minimum of five additional static-line or P3 jumps.

Our Naval Jump Wings Wood Art Plaque is 100% Handcrafted from 4 different fine hardwoods.The Feathered Wings are made Intarsia-style for a very impressive Plaque, and the Risers are carefully crafted from a single piece of wood.

There is no paint or stain in this plaque, just the natural colors of Exotic Woods.

Our NEW Naval Parachutist Insignia Wooden Plaque measures 21" x 7".

These handcrafted Wood Art U.S. Navy plaques are
Authorized and Licensed by the United States Navy.

Handcrafted Plaques, Ltd is proud to be an Official Crafter of the Navy;

USN, U.S. Navy, United States Navy, Seabees, USN and Navy are all
Registered Trademarks of the United States Navy.

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