Merchant Marine Emblem

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Merchant Marine Plaque

"Mariners have written one of its most brilliant chapters. They have delivered the goods when and where needed in every theater of operations and across every ocean in the biggest, the most difficult and dangerous job ever undertaken. As time goes on, there will be greater public understanding of our merchant's fleet record during this war [World War II]."

- President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Though not directly part of the U.S. Military, the Merchant Marine is an auxiliary to the U.S. Navy and can be called upon to deliver troops and supplies for the military.

Our Artists selected 6 different fine hardwoods to create this Handsome Wooden Plaque. The Stripes are inlaid; the Fouled Anchor is crafted Intarsia-style and each Letter is individually crafted.

This Merchant Marine Emblem Wooden Plaque measures approx 12" in diameter.

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