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Marine Recon Plaque

The United States Marine Corps's Division Reconnaissance battalions, or commonly called Marine Division Recon, are the reconnaissance assets of Marine Air-Ground Task Force, and are Special Operations capable. Division Reconnaissance teams are employed to observe and report on enemy activity and other information of military significance in close operations. Their capabilities are similar to those of Force Recon.

Our stunning Marine Division Recon Wooden Plaque is 100% Handcrafted from All-Natural Hardwoods - no paint or stain is used.

This impressive USMC Recon Plaque measures approx 11.5" across

These handcrafted Wood Art U.S. Marine Corps plaques are Authorized and Licensed by the United States Marine Corps.

Handcrafted Plaques, Ltd is proud to be a USMC Trademark License holder,
with USMC Trademark License number Hobbyist 22141.

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