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Army Sapper Badge

An Army Sapper, also called Combat Engineer, is a Soldier who performs a variety of Military Engineering duties such as breaching fortifications, demolitions, bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, preparing field defenses, as well as working on road and airfield construction and repair.

Sappers are also trained to serve as Infantry personnel in defensive and offensive operations. A Sapper's duties are devoted to tasks involving facilitating movement, defense and survival of forces and impeding those of enemies.

The term "Sapper" is used in the U.S. Military and several European Armies.

Our new Army SAPPER Emblem Wood Art Plaque is 100% Handcrafted from 6 different fine hardwoods.

The different colors are the natural colors of the woods, not paint or colored stains.

The Canopy is carved from a single piece of wood, the Wings are feathered, and we carefully Inlay the Castle windows.

Our NEW SAPPER Wooden Plaque measures an impressive 18.5" x 15". This is a large plaque that looks great on the wall.

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