U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command

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ARSOAC EMBLEM - 160th SOAR - Wood Art Plaque
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160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment has a new Emblem (patch) that reflects their own identity as an Aviation Special Operations Force.

“For the first time, we have a patch that reflects our own identity as an aviation special operations force,” said Col. John R. Evans, Regiment Commander, 160th SOAR. “This new patch, is uniquely ours and its history and lineage moving forward will be built by the deeds of our Soldiers.”

The new ARSOAC Emblem with Fairbairn-Sykes and upswept wings form a spearhead reminiscent of the 1st Special Service Force and symbolizes the unit’s role as the Aviation element of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Measuring 14" x 10", this handsome Army Special Operations Aviation Command Wooden Plaque is Handcrafted with 7 different fine hardwoods. We selected 3 distinctly different woods for the Wings and a nice tight Sapele wood for the sharp Knife.

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